About Us

We are a small group of artists driven by the belief that the art and business should be closely related in today’s digital world. We created a small online print shop in the beginning of 2016 in hopes to help fellow artists grow their business and give their artwork the largest audience possible.

We believe artists should serve artists. Never get your work created by someone who doesn’t understand the importance of your vision. We are easy to talk to and our prices are totally affordable. We even take custom orders where prices are negotiable. We ship fast from our studios in Philadadelphia PA. We employ and serve photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, painters and so much more.

We have dropshipped and fulfilled over 10,000 items for Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and other platforms to customers around the world. All of the stores we have shipped from all have 5 star reviews with amazing quality and quick shipping. If you are an artist or just someone with artistic needs, please send us an email! info@moderndigitaldesigns.com

Thanks for visiting.